Auditory Rorschach

by Proximity Effect

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released July 26, 2006

Produced-Recorded -Mixed

James Northcross

Mastered By

Pete Lyman @ Infrasonic Sound


James Northcross


Chris Velasco

Track 9 Programming-Bass-Synth


Track 9 Addtional Piano

Lisa Fowle

Art Direction



all rights reserved



Proximity Effect San Diego, California

Distorting the facts since 2001, James Northcross writes, records, mixes and produces all things Proximity Effect.

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Track Name: Synapse
I buried myself in myself
trying to find a better way to get away
Another face in the crowd
Another voice in head that's got to come out
That's never breathed before
I've got synapse and sinew flesh and bone

Synapse and soft tissue
Its just muscle memory but I thought it was you
Because I feel you
deep inside

(Deep inside) I need to feel you
Inside I bleed myself dry
Inside I need to feel you caress my mind
Track Name: Sinew
Starved this atrophy is slowing me down
I tried to get away I keep falling
I don't want to tear myself apart
I try to make myself well
but its really ******* hard
Track Name: Hallowed
If you whisper loud enough I'll feel
What tried is true
whats left inside of you
time and time again
Take 3 Take it all away

Hey you soaking int the rain
you washed it all away

I tried to erase you
I thought to replace you
Sifting through these memories of you to cleanse thins heart then to break it apart

I felt you drift away

There is a silver lining in every cloud you thought as you spoke aloud
Miss you , kiss you , hug you, love you, I'll write to you, I'll sing to you
charm you, chase you, move you, embrace you, I think of you if you promise too
Close your eyes hold your head high come inside and we will stay dry
Track Name: Sand
It takes a truce, to make a mends to heal
I want them all so I can feel
give away all of your preconceptions
they stand too tall to see things true
wash away all of your dirty dealings
they cloud your heart And the day is through
And so are you

You are where?

Sand falls like rain today
It's gone away and where were you?

It takes two
I want to what you would do
And no thanks to you
No sound at the bottom

Sand falls like rain today
This hour glass is still the same
so where were you?
Track Name: Truth Serum
Truth serum
breathe it out take it in
I've tried
you decide in this room who will hide
When your words ring hollow it's so hard to swallow
take your medicine

Do you sense this senseless babble
through your darkness I can see
When you don't know where to travel will you recognize your enemies
Let the dark die, bring in new light, when you don't speak its alright
I see you struggle trying to make it through to the other side
What are you hiding from
what are you so afraid of
You never take a stand to see just what you're made of
Track Name: It Took Me Too
I've got nonsense stinging my head
Alone when the trained are not dead
You all use silly words and phase
I'm loved till the bitter end
you wanted to long
you want me to long for you
It takes you
it took me too

I waited so long all these pages holding on strong
Life speaks to god and your god too. (You are god too)

I"m the last one to have heard
but it came from a busy bird
I've longed to take you away
But I don't blame
Because God...It's so logical
Where do you want to go
You take the back seat for you
I've know the prettiest eyes like the ones you close
For what its worth to you
Track Name: Poised Lips
If you sting me you will die
rest your poised lips to mine
wherefore art thou fucking fear
rip my heart out with your lies my dear
tranquil eyes how tranquil our lies

I look in your eyes I see nothing I use to see
In pain is all I'll ever be
in close proximity

I've been on the ground falling to pieces
can you pick me up from the weight of your lessons
I am in to deep I still know your secrets
every word I keep
you still have your reasons

I feel I have lost completely every time you try to free me
anything is sometimes better
my heart holds myself together
in these moments I feel see through
I''ll do anything to see you
when I hit the ground I lost myself control
Track Name: Broken Words
I'm addicted to you and everything you left behind
these candles are burning so fast I'm out of light
next time will you take me these shadows they break me
do unto me what you're thinking
do you need what I need
Goodness is worth saving and how are you paying
you've come too far to walk away
I've showed too much to mask the shame

There are days when all that's spoken
and the truth is I feel broken
All these stones that go to waste
an open mouth without taste
I have all this shit in me I feel so fucking guilty
Light a candle for the dead ones
mine burns brightest it has for so long
I have all this shit in me I feel so fucking empty
Track Name: Left in Stitches
Time to open your eyes
It all melts away into the air
Soon it will disappear
you'll wonder why
how could it come to this
my perfect enemy

All my faith is gone
Strange how you disappear into the atmosphere
I love your autodophe I
wish you were here to fuck with me my perfect enemy